About Us

Eat Pique - About Us, Mike, Molly & Tucker

Hello all, my name is Mike Vitelli, I am from Greensboro, NC & currently reside in Lake Lure, NC with my lovely wife Molly & our dog Tucker! I am a classically trained chef from Johnson & Wales University that has lived, worked & played in the hospitality world my entire adult life. As a chef, I love to play with unique flavor combinations & present them in ways that “pique” ones interest. Eat Pique is a company based on a way of thinking about food, experiences, family & friends. It embodies me as a man, husband, son & friend. Its what I seek out & what I want to bring to my crew. ┬áIts my contribution to the party! My hope is that our products will spark interest, put a smile on your face & maybe make you wonder, if only for just a bit.

Cheers my friends!