About Us


We are Eat Pique: Mike Vitelli & Michael Toman

MV & MT have been best friends all their lives, literally they have been hanging out for 36 years! Meeting as infants, through the friendship of their parents, the two became inseparable at a young age. The friendship survived moves, different schools, college, careers & marriages. Even though they often lived in different cities, even states, the friendship remained strong & they always found time to get together! As they got older, the get togethers always seemed to revolve around food, drink & laughter. The two would stay up all night eating, drinking & discussing product ideas, business opportunities & the thought of one day going into business together. Well that time has come my friends, the two Mikes have joined forces to bring you Eat Pique, food products designed to bring buzz, to your taste buds. We would like to proudly welcome you ALL to the party, what is ours is now yours!

Hello all, my name is Mike Vitelli, I am from Greensboro, NC & currently reside in Lake Lure, NC with my lovely wife Molly & our puppy dog Tucker! I am a classically trained chef from Johnson & Wales University that has lived, worked & played in the hospitality world my entire adult life. As a chef, I love to play with unique flavor combinations & present them in ways that “pique” ones interest. Eat Pique is a company based on a way of thinking about food, experiences, family & friends. It embodies me as a man, husband, son, brother & friend. Its what I seek out & what I want to bring to my crew. ┬áIts my contribution to the party! My hope is that our products will spark interest, Put a smile on your face & maybe make you wonder, if only for just a bit.

Cheers my friends!