How To Use It

We know this is a new concept and product for many folks, so we want you to feel confident when finding uses for our product. This is your go-to spot for everything Honey Pickled Mustard Seeds: what to use it on, accompany with, and recipes incorporating it. We also want to see your ideas, so when you create something epic and the crowd goes wild, snap a pic and drop us a line, we just may feature it on the site!


Pizza:  Sicilian Style Pizza, almost like a focaccia bread, topped with kale + Potatoes + Bacon + Garlic + Mozzarella, Cut into strips, stacked + topped with Buttermilk Dressing + Fresh Dill + Session Wheat Honey Pickled Mustard Seeds









Stir Fry of Country Sausage + Squash + Red Onion + Roasted Beets + Beet Greens + Roasted Potatoes + Bopp’n Beet Honey Pickled Mustard Seeds









Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato + Mayonnaise + Country White Bread + Bopp’n Beet Honey Pickled Mustard Seeds = Summer on a plate









Grilled Ribeye + Caesar Salad + Parmesan Cheese Crisps + Charred Asparagus + Bopp’n Beet Honey Pickled Mustard Seeds









Smoked Beef Ribs + Corn Tortillas + Quick Pickled Radish + Habanero Heat Honey Pickled Mustard Seeds