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A session wheat beer is one that has a low alcohol content (less than 5%) meant to be enjoyed several at a time (more than two) with friends and containing wheat as one of the malt ingredients. This beer-centric honey pickled mustard seed flavor is made using Sierra Nevada’s session wheat beer, Kellerweis and is the closest in flavorĀ  to a traditional honey mustard spread. The golden color reinforces that theme as well. Try it with charcuterie and cheese boards when hosting informal dinner parties with friends and family!









For all you chili heads out there, our spicy spread, is made with local habanero peppers pickled into a mash and folded into each batch by hand to give just the right sweet heat you crave. The orange hue lets you know that this condiment has some fire behind it but also lends itself to those who like to eat with their eyes first! Try it with smoked meat or on a grilled brat to bring the fire to your next cook out!









This fun spread is as beautiful as it is delicious. We use farm fresh local beets (when in season) to give great color, flavor and richness to each batch. Enjoy the earthy sweetness this often overlooked root vegetable lends to our condiment in your next salad or to jazz up a store bought hummus for a quick, easy weeknight snack.